Colorectal Cancer Treatment

Colorectal Cancer Treatment


At Beaumont, we detect more early stage cancer than any other hospital in Michigan. And once cancer is discovered, we offer patients a comprehensive treatment plan using the most advanced technology and leading edge procedures. So you can be assured that you are being offered the very best treatment options and the very best chance for a cure.

According to the American Cancer Society, the number of people diagnosed with colon or rectal cancer was 146,870 in 2009, the most recent year for which statistics are available.

With Colorectal Cancer, Every Minute Counts

The Colorectal Multidisciplinary Clinic at Beaumont provides you with a highly trained team of Beaumont colorectal cancer specialists who will analyze your situation and help you develop an accelerated, individualized treatment plan based on their extensive expertise and experience.

It begins with a single phone call to the Colorectal Multidisciplinary Clinic. A nurse navigator will be available to help gather the results of all your tests and schedule any additional screenings that are necessary prior to your appointment.

Within seven days, you will be scheduled to meet with members of our multidisciplinary cancer care team to review their recommendations for your treatment plan. Following that, appointments will be scheduled, as necessary, on the same day. And before leaving the clinic, you and your family will be given a plan of recommended colorectal cancer treatment or further studies with appointments scheduled promptly.

Beaumont Colorectal Cancer Specialists

Beaumont doctors from all cancer disciplines will work together to provide you with the most advanced treatment options, which might include the opportunity to participate in the many clinical trials at Beaumont.

Beaumont colorectal cancer specialists are renowned experts in the following areas:


For more information, or an appointment at the Colorectal Cancer Multidisciplinary Clinic, call 877-BEAT-CANCER (877-232-8226).

Colorectal Cancer Webinar

Watch a free colorectal cancer webinar presented by a Beaumont doctor: Everything You Wanted to Know about Avoiding Colon Cancer but Were Afraid to Ask

Cancer genetics provides insight into colorectal cancer

When Kathleen Luft had colon cancer at age 45, her doctor recommended she be tested to see if the diagnosis at such a young age could be traced to something in her genetic makeup. Through Beaumont's Cancer Genetics Program, her family gained valuable insights and explanations, while identifying risk reduction strategies.