Prostate & Urologic Cancer Treatment

Prostate and Urologic Cancer Treatment

Beaumont's Prostate Cancer and Urologic Cancer Multidisciplinary Clinic provides you with a highly trained team of Beaumont cancer specialists who will analyze your situation and help you develop an accelerated, individualized treatment plan based on their extensive expertise and experience.

It begins with a single phone call to the Prostate and Urologic Cancer Multidisciplinary Clinic.

A nurse navigator will be available to help gather the results of all your tests and schedule any additional screenings that are necessary prior to your appointment. As quickly as necessary, you will be scheduled to meet with members of our multidisciplinary team to receive their recommendations for your treatment plan. On the same day, follow up appointments will be scheduled as needed. Before leaving the clinic, you and your family will be given a plan of recommended treatment or further studies with appointments scheduled promptly.

Beaumont Prostate & Urologic Cancer Specialists

Beaumont doctors from all cancer disciplines will work together to provide you with the most advanced prostate and urologic cancer treatment options, which might include the opportunity to participate in one of the many clinical trials available at Beaumont. You will have access to the most state of the art advances in urologic cancer surgery including high-definition, minimally invasive robotic and laparascopic surgery; radiotherapy options such as brachytherapy and IMRT; cryotherapy, chemo-therapy and active surveillance protocols.

Beaumont prostate and urologic cancer specialists are renowned experts in the following areas:

You deserve more than just a second opinion

At Beaumont's Prostate Cancer Center, you'll get the collective judgment, experience and wisdom of 20 prostate cancer specialists. Whether you need the latest minimally invasive or robotic procedure, or advanced therapy, they're all available right here at Beaumont. Learn more today by calling our Prostate Cancer Center  at 877-BEAT-CANCER (877-232-8226).

Hear more about the medical expertise available at the Prostate Cancer Center with Howard Korman, M.D., director of the Prostate and Urologic Cancer Multidisciplinary Clinic at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak.

Check out the benefits of minimally invasive robotic prostate surgery - read the story of a man who ran a marathon just weeks after having robotic surgery at Beaumont Hospital, Troy.

Prostate Cancer Research

Beaumont research shows the Prostate Multidisciplinary Clinic
improves quality of care.

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